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Fietstraining TriCATS

Training group TriCATS






2022 will be great!

Pushing boundaries, getting the best out of yourself, experiencing the maximum: Swimming analysis guides (beginning) athletes to their first triathlon – and beyond. What started a year ago as a crazy idea resulted in months of sports fun. Together we went swimming, cycling and walking to finish cheering at 'our' home race: the sprint triathlon of Maarsseveen. In fact, the enthusiasm was so great that we decided to continue with our triathlon group: Sportclub Zwemanalyse was born!



Do you live in the Achterhoek and the surrounding area and have you become enthusiastic about the above story? Then here is your chance to participate in a similar trajectory: TriCATS Training Group.

We are also eager to start coaching a group of athletes in 2022. Do you also feel like a sporty adventure? Fancy trying something new? Or do you just want to exercise with a nice group of athletes? Sign up and exercise with us for two weeks for free!


Train together, perform together

This is training for a triathlon, but in the way of TriCATS: with personal attention, everyone trains according to their own possibilities and above all it is very pleasant. This year we are guiding a group of athletes towards the sprint triathlon of Bredevoort and/or the triathlon of Braamt.

Our Sports Club TriCATS consists of a training group in which we jointly practice running, swimming, cycling / spinning and core stability. We are also not averse to a sporty outing from time to time.


Enthusiastic? Please read on!

Where and when?

Training usually takes place in the eastern Achterhoek. Our regular weekly program as follows:

  • Running: Monday at ?? hours at the SWITE site in Lichtenvoorde;

  • Swimming: Wednesday at ?? hours in 't Meekenesch Swimming Pool in Lichtenvoorde;

  • Spinning (March/April): ?? at 7 p.m. at Fit & Fun  't Boske 11 in Aalten;

  • Cycling (spring/summer): Saturday at 11 a.m., location to follow

  • Core stability: Saturday at 8.00, via Zoom


In addition to the weekly program, we regularly undertake other things:

  • Trail running: once every four weeks on Saturday morning, time and location to be determined (for example, the Vennebulten near Varsseveld). Not at the same time as the core stability training, of course.

  • Clinics: think of swim-run, exchange training, a trial triathlon, clothing, or racing tactics. Our clinics are known for the great pleasure that athletes experience. Hilarity guaranteed!

Sporty outings: we choose an event together and go out. Preferably as participants of course and out together, at home together

More information / FAQ:

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