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More information / FAQ:

Am I always obliged to come?

Training group TriCATS is a group where conviviality is paramount. Of course we understand if you cannot attend every training session. So you are in no way obliged to participate in anything and you can just come when it suits you. Trainers communicate in advance what we are going to do in a training (by mail or whatsapp) so that everyone knows what is on the program. You could therefore do a missed training yourself at another time.

Who is training group TriCATS for?

Training group TriCATS is suitable for:

  • People who want to do a triathlon in 2022 or want to grow in the triathlon sport

  • Anyone who wants to start the new year fit

  • People who want to exercise together and want to work on fitness under professional guidance

  • Anyone who is especially looking for fun while exercising

Our goal:

  • 100% happy faces

  • A great year with nice people. Working on your fitness in a positive way

What is the level? How do we train?

Training takes place under the supervision of experienced trainers, in order to focus the structure on the wishes and possibilities of individual participants. In practice this means that you train in a group, but that everyone does this according to their own level and capacity. In this way there is something for everyone and everyone gets the best out of themselves while the social element in the training remains paramount. So whether you're running marathons or just starting out, everyone is welcome!

We train together at least three times a week. Every triathlon discipline is covered. In addition, there is a weekly core stability session in which you do specific exercises to strengthen your body and better protect it against injuries. As icing on the cake, we go into the woods once every four weeks for a trail running session.

Because training outside in winter is sometimes more difficult, cycling training becomes  replaced by spinning training in March/April. Swimming is of course done in an indoor pool from March to mid-May.

What do I need?

First of all, good sense! You also need swimming and running clothes and an outfit to do the spinning classes in. As soon as we cycle outside again, a bicycle is of course quite handy. That can be a racing bike, but a mountain bike or hybrid bike is also possible.

In any case, our advice is: do not immediately purchase all kinds of things, you have plenty of time with us to consider what is useful for you. In addition, the trainers can advise you on all kinds of attributes.

What are the costs?

For Trainingsgroep TriCATS we use a subscription form that runs every six months. We do this because a season roughly falls into two parts and the types of training and events are geared to this. It is possible to join in between. The costs for Training Group TriCATS are 95 euros per month.

What do you get for that:

– access to all training courses (19 training sessions per month, so 5 euros per training)
– extra clinics on substitutions, tactics, clothing, etc.
– super good, professional trainers
– a small group with a lot of guidance, tailored to your needs
– all kinds of extra training materials

Are all sports compulsory?

As mentioned, you are free to choose which training courses you want to follow.

Do you already know that you will never participate in swimming training, cycling (spinning) training or running training? Then you remove one of these sports from your package and pay 79 euros per month.

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