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Finish IronMan Hawaii
We know what we are,  
but not what we may be”

William Shakespeare

Fijn vaderdagcadeau van Ellen

Passionate  coaching professional

The triathlon sport has brought us so much beauty that we would like to share it with people. We love taking people to the next level.
Dream your dream and let's go for gold together.
With our training and  coaching programs you have everything you need to see your sporting dreams come true.

Training approach

Our programs are for athletes who:

  • want to make their sporting dreams come true

  • structurally want to work on their lifestyle

  • have little time (thinking)

  • not feeling at home in a gym or club

  • don't have time to train at set times in a club

  • not having time to fulfill a club's obligations (volunteer duties)

  • would like to share their experiences with like-minded people from time to time, but without club obligations

  • want to improve on the basis of a clear and personal plan

  • want to improve and find insufficient connection with the general training plan of their club

  • realize that the basis for a good performance goes beyond regular training. (lifestyle, mental aspect, diet, materials, etc.)

  • would like to appear well prepared at the start of competitions

We enjoy working with athletes who:

  • are serious about their sport and want to be approached seriously

  • would like to work with the best trainer and coach

  • love a no-nonsense approach

  • love clear, honest feedback



€49.95  per month

  • Personal training schedule  

  • Intake conversation with your coach and trainer

  • Basic Training Peaks Account

  • Individual annual plan based on your peak matches

  • 4-weekly evaluation by your coach  

  • 1x p/4w contact with your coach  

  • Interesting discounts with our partners

Call or write an email  for an appointment.

Trompstraat 57, 7122 VZ Aalten, Netherlands

Hans +316 23948938 (NLD)

Patrick +4917672986072 (DEU)

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